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Rapid Assessment of Mental Health, Psychosocial Needs and Services for unaccompanied children in Greece - Unicef

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On April 2017, UNICEF commissioned a rapid assessment of MHPSS needs and services for UAC in Greece with the further aim to inform planning for expanded services. Specifically the objectives of the rapid assessment were:

  1. To assess the range, scope and scale of mental health issues facing UAC in Greece including those
    living in shelters and those in other locations including reception and identification centers (RICs),
    and reception center
  2. To map existing MHPSS and child protection legislation, policy and services in Greece and assess the
    capacity to meet the increased case load, scope and range of specific MHPSS support needs of UAC,
    including but not exclusively the most severe cases;
  3. To identify good practices and possible gaps in the current Greek legal and policy framework as well
    as service provision response to the increased case load and particular MHPSS needs of UAC; 
  4. To propose a set of recommendations on how to best address existing gaps including immediate
    and medium/long term actions in light of the realities of the Greek context.

Read the Full Report here.


Raising a Child through Prison Bars

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"Raising a Child through Prison Bars" Project (with financial support from the DAPHNE III Programme of the European Union), implemented in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.


The project’s objectives were to contribute to:

  • support Imprisoned Mothers (IM) & future mothers to handle their own experiences of abuse [either Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) or Child Abuse & Neglect (CAN)] & accomplish their parental role in as an effective way as possible
  • prevent & combat CAN as well as to provide support to Children of Imprisoned Parents (CHIP) in order to both disrupt the cycle of violence & enhance children’s resilience
  • collect data in 3 European countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria) aiming to map the Imprisoned Mothers population in regards to demographic information, needs and problems faced by Imprisoned Mothers, their children and families, as well as in regards to CAN and attachment style for both Imprisoned Mothers and Children of Imprisoned Parents.

"RAISING A CHILD" material was published in Greek, English, Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian languages.

Discussion Groups for Mothers [BUL, HUNG, ROM]

Drama Workshop: "Nice Borders" [BUL, HUNG, ROM]

Leaflet for Children [BUL, HUNG, ROM]

Leaflet for Imprisoned Mothers [BUL, HUNG, ROM]

A Manual for Professionals [BUL, HUNG, ROM]

There is also a CD with the publications of the project.

See more: http://www.mothers-in-prison.eu/ 

Intovian Screening Tool

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Intovian Screening Tool for the identification of famileis with infants in Child Abuse and/or Neglect danger (in Greek).

“Programmatic review of services available and accessible to children in the shelters of the Network of the General Secretariat for Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality”

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Α programmatic review of services available and accessible to children in the shelters of the Network of the Hellenic General Secretariat for Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality.